about me

just a guy trying to create my own little corner of the internet. im not very good at this whole website making thing yet so be nice please :-)

stuff i like: angels, space, the color purple, various obscurities...

want to know more?

something in the water - TV room

hello! i am stella (also known as internet artist "STARBAGE") and this is my website. i've had a neocities account for a while, but i didn't actually start working on the site until February 26th, 2022.

things are currently very WIP, but here you will be able to find various ramblings, along with some talk about my art and projects, probably! i like to make all sorts of stuff, but i'll leave that explanation for my about section. overall, this is just for fun, so don't expect things to be super proper! you can find everything by using that funny sidebar on the right.

thank you for viewing, and enjoy your stay!

if you'd like to link to me, feel free to change the number in "starbage_button_1.gif" to whichever one you like the best.
on that note, here's some other cool sites you should look at...


may 25 2022
- updated the blog with some iframe goodness. It should be a bit more organized now..

may 24 2022
- more button additions!! hoping to gather even more soon
- changed some wording on the about page...

may 16 2022
- slight changes to music page (added silly kirby image)
- added the SQAU project page
- updated project page directory

may 14 2022
- slight changes to navbox and funstuff page. nothing major...

april 19 2022
- added a guestbook. sign it if you'd like
- added some more images to my art section

april 16 2022
- more buttons...
- added the art page. you can access it by clicking the currently empty space in the navbar (don't feel like implementing the button graphic rn)
- updated images and fixed mistakes on other pages. nothing crazy

april 9 2022
- added a button! so if you want to link back to me you can... i think i will make a few of them in different styles because i am indecisive. But for now it is just the one. wahoo!

april 6 2022
- i decided i quite liked the moving background. im not sure if having a gif background causes any issues with performance but ehh i dont care that much. Its fine.
- i got rid of a few pages that i don't like right now. sorry! maybe i will redo them later.
- also added some touchups to the music page. mostly links to where else i post music because i cant see myself doing it here that much.

april 5 2022
- added some cool buttons (still have yet to make my own...) go check out my friends' sites :-)

march 25 2022
- fixed broken links in music section
- changed + fixed a lot of code. from your perspective nothing really looks different hehe
- experimenting with a lightbox code so perhaps i will add an art gallery later... but for now it isnt used anywhere
- added a moving background on the main page only. i don't know how i feel about it just yet... so i will think about it more before putting it elsewhere

march 20 2022
- HUUGE SITE OVERHAUL. there is still stuff for me to fix and add but things look much more swag now don't they
- the music page and misc page have been added. graphics on pretty much all pages have been updated too
- cleaned up code and stuff like that

march 5 2022
- updated the look of main pages, added the GAMES page, as well as the FUN STUFF page.
- the games page also has custom pages relating to my videogame projects- go check em out!!
- added to blog page

march 2 2022
- added some sweet placeholder links so i don't have to update the nav bar for a while. no new pages right now!

march 1 2022
- small updates to all pages
- added a site icon

feb 28 2022
- added... the changelog!
- updated the look of the index, about, and blog pages
- added to the about page
- updated some wording and margin stuff that was annoying me... ok im leaving this alone now

- add a to-do list to track my progress on this thing... oh wait (finished 4/20/22)
- finish projects page
- and then finish the projects that the projects page LEADS to... i have about 3 different stories i want to write about so... uhhhh
- add a button graphic for the art page in the nav bar (4/25/22)
- make the music page more fun maybe
- some more pages abt general interests. ideas are a page for various albums i like. and maybe one for brief game reviews...
- probably want to add a seperate links page at some point. or do i?
- wanna make the blog more... organized... seperate pages for each month maybe (5/25/22)
- make the about section less... lame... (impossible stella challenge)