extended about

if you want to know more about the chucklefuck who made this site, you've come to the right place (thanks lys for the pic idea)

more about me

hello again. as you might already see, my name is stella. i'm a 19 year old artist who tries to create through pretty much any medium i can get my hands on. mostly that manifests itself through drawing, but i also develop rpgmaker games and make bad electronic music in my free time. my favorite number is 88 and my favorite color is purple.

currently i am in college studying game design. though, i haven't really figured out if thats truly what i want to do yet... we'll see...

the site itself is a way for me to get away from the hassle of regular social media. here i'll be posting a lot of what i make, my feelings about it, maybe some other stuff i like, a bit about my life, etc... i don't know how interesting it all will be to the average person, but i suppose that doesn't matter too much!

admittedly i am not too good at describing myself. i will probably rewrite this page a million times... so... here's some of the stuff i enjoy, instead.

- rpgmaker development + games (favorites include ones such as Red Trees, Grimm's Hollow, and Dweller's Empty Path...)
- platformers (celeste, cave story, kirby, etc.)
- exploration games (anodyne 1 + 2, moon remix rpg)
- bee and puppycat (cool show that means a lot to me)
- astronomy (though i don't study it as much anymore. if you have any cool space facts please tell me them)
- obscure utau music, primarily things relating to or inspired by 'K' (if you know you know).

there are some other things but they will most likely have their own pages dedicated to them