games i've made

oooh you want to play them SOOOO BAD


DID YOU KNOW?: i make games! mostly rpgmaker ones, but maybe that'll change in the future?

in any case, you can find some info about them here. click the 'read more's to go to their game pages on

if you play my games i will love you forever. if you play them AND tell me your thoughts on them i'll literally kiss you on the mouth. thanks

tiredspace - released 4/14/2020

a game about a girl with agoraphobia, aliens, putting stars back in the sky, making new friends, and remembering old ones. Released in 2020, this was the first game I was ever able to finish. it has many flaws, of course, but it holds quite a soft spot in my heart... read more?

HalOPE [DEMO] - released 2/2/2022

HalOPE is an exploration/puzzle-ish game about a little angel travelling through various areas, trying to decipher the meaning behind their existence. The demo contains the first two chapters of the game and a few secrets to find. read more?

Saturn's Rising Temperature - released 7/5/2022

A short visual novel I made in a week for the VN CUP competition. It is about a girl living on a man-made planet where space travel is no longer seen as particularly remarkable, and is only used as a tool when necessary. It is mainly inspired by dreams I've had, and explores themes of loneliness, cosmic horror, and love. read more?