it sleeps it falls it breaks it realizes the struggle is meaningless it doesn't know what pain is yet it hopes for a normal day it finds itself in strange places its lonely its surrounded its in darkness it finds a way out it never escapes it doesn't know what to do it sits in wait it was never woken up it walks around it feels a weight bearing down it isn't hopeless it doesn't understand anything it never left its home it never became full it considers the possibility of something better it continues speaking although nobody can hear it it thinks it is nothing remarkable it journeys into the unknown it doesn't have a choice it doesn't know what a choice is it is controlled it is infinite it is smaller than a speck it is falling into a chasm it is comprehended as simplistic it is nothing at all it is overestimated it is thinking of what to do next it is crying it is wondering it is dreaming it is feeling it is better than it was it is the worst its ever been it is fully aware of its surroundings it is in a maze it is passing through the fields it is walking down the hall it is trudging through the mud it is leaving footprints in the sand it thinks a world where everyone can get along is possible but isn't sure how to make it real it is not you it is not me it is tired and so it sleeps