My Second Life!!

secondlife is a game i play very occassionally in my free time. it certainly isn't as popular as it once was, but i think the reasons for it are ultimately good ones. simply put, there are too many freaks on there! And slowly but surely, i have become one of them...

or, well, maybe that's an overstatement. i mostly enjoy exploring the hollowed-out remains of what once was- old clubhouses, mansions, amusement parks, cities, all seemingly abandoned by their digital civilization... that isn't to say the game is dead, though. I will sometimes explore the more populated areas, usually to have photoshoots with my friends. regardless, i will talk about some of my experiences with the game here.

If you don't know, there are a few different types of "viewers" you can download to play SL. personally, i use the firestorm viewer, but apparently there are quite a few options out there for this sort of thing. Just be wary of UI differences...

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background from the spriter's resource

"avis", or avatars

a lot of my current fun has been found in trying to make my avatars for completely free. it takes some knowledge in item-modding for some of these things to work, but it's been going well so far! perhaps someday i'll invest some money into the game, but for now i enjoy the limitation...

i like to either be an anime girl or a faceless astronaut, depending on my mood...

currently i use Magnum Yoshikawa's nekosume anime head, and TMP Meshbody Classic, both of which are found in in-world stores only. I also modded both of these items for a bit of a personal flair (especially proud of what i've done with the head!). cadnomori's free SL guide includes links to these items and many more.

The space helmet was found on the marketplace, but was also modded a lot for the sake of 'getting silly with it'. at some point i'll try to go more in depth about modifying items, but generally it's just something you learn as you tinker around with it.


as i've gotten better at modding objects and navigating both in-world and marketplace stores, my avatar has changed a lot. here are some baby pictures, so to speak...

places to see

Naomi's Community Threemille - A parcel with tons of activities, including an amusement park, arcade, space shuttle, and more.

Kowloon - A city with lots of history and intrigue. I don't even know how to describe it fully, if i'm being honest.

Mew Mew CAT-Fe - A cat cafe that's very cute and bright. I believe that it's still in the middle of a remodel at the time of writing. I'm really excited to see the new version!

Plaza 94 - a cool furry mall with a retro aesthetic! i like taking pictures here. Of course, there are some shops too.

HAPPY PLACE - one of the few self-proclaimed "weirdcore" maps. If you've ever played anything labelled similarly on Roblox, it's basically that but for adults.

Capicua - I can't remember how i even found this place to begin with. But it's basically a very pretty garden/forest that will totally tank your computer with lovingly-rendered grass, so be careful!

Carmine - Another interesting city area. A bit past the playground this SLurl links to is a very cute store called MENKOI.

The Underground Arcade - exactly what it sounds like! a cool and cozy arcade where you can play some retro games!

~more outfit pics~

can you tell i like the color purple...?

the last dress was actually a gift! it has quickly become one of my most prized possessions :-)

other pictures (unsorted!!!)

in the vaporwave furry mall..


i've been expecting you...

going 4 a drive

one of my favorite pics i have ever taken. so cute!!!

field trip to the ocean front

that 1 time i got lost in an underground military bunker... O__O;;

ended up finding a big missile there!!