stella's tunes

one of my main hobbies is making music. i've been doing it for about 4+ years now, though i'd still call myself a total amateur. you can usually find my songs on soundcloud, but i don't upload there very much, what with the upload limit and all.

i have a seperate tumblr blog for music as well. that one is also a tad inactive. But if i post music anywhere it will go there first.

regardless, i figure i should post some of my favorite tracks i've made here. if i can think of something to say about them, you'll find a blurb about it under the song. a lot of these are old so the dates i put on em might not be entirely accurate. that all said, i probably won't be uploading a whole lot of songs on here. just ones i like. so, if you're interested in more of this, feel free to follow me elsewhere. it would make me happy!

i mostly use a program called 'rytmik ultimate' for making music. i use that one because i started out with 'rytmik retrobits' for the DS, and the layouts are pretty similar throughout that whole series of software. that said, sometimes i use other stuff, too. i love working with orgmaker and soundtrap, and vocaloid4... sometimes i will mess with utaus too!

oh yea, some of these songs might be a bit loud. you have been warned.

also, some of these entries are completely out of order... oops..

changing light - 6/13/22

i was on a vocaloid kick again when i made this one. Some of the lyrics feel a bit stiff but i quite like the background singing.
lyrics i don't know how to
look at you now that you
reflect everything

seems every action i take
you start to make
repeat over and over again
almost like

you've become a mirror
one that i just can't avoid

i don't want you to be me
couldn't you see
refractions distorting
along the glass

what did it mean when
you said
"i'll never forget your hands"?

i hope
for a break in sight
for a changing light
to pass right through me

cleaning me of everything
reflect it all away

i know
when it's said and done
i will be the one
to break the pieces

to sweep the glass away
i don't care what you say

everything's all the same - 6/10/22

song that originated from the same vocaloid kick as the previous one, though this one is a bit rougher around the edges... Be warned it is a bit loud.
lyrics another day
another feeling
or should i say
maybe the lack of feeling

something decayed
under your skin and
in its own way
that's a new feeling

everybody's always askin' me
i don't know what to say (say)
i'll never muster the courage
to tell them i'm saving face

constantly locked inside a place
that i've no will to leave
so i just sit and wait
maybe this is better for me

everything's all the same
another day staring into space

everything's all the same
another day staring into space

everything's all the
everything's all the
everything's all the
everything's all the same

our sleepy days - 5/25/22

recent experimental track. i made it by creating a midi in onlinesequencer and then just porting it to soundtrap for better instruments + mastering. i really like it...

sandy nights - 10/18/21

a very sexy guitar track i made. reminds me of driving in a desert at night, hence the name....

abandoned world - 5/9/20

i remember very clearly writing this song based on some songs my girlfriend (not my girlfriend at the time) mentioned to me as what type of music would fit their OC. so i decided i wanted to try making that song. the name came from another friend saying it reminded him of a "dead/forgotten MMO" after giving the demo of it a listen. so, i guess this song wouldn't exist without those two people. it is meaningful to me for that reason.

empty - 8/14/20

i was experimenting a lot when i made this song, i think. i thought the glitchy vocals, droning chords, and twinkly strums sounded very beautiful (i still do). i decided a while after making this song that it would be the credits theme for one of my stories (called Indigo's Void, if you are curious.), so there's a lot of association there, hehe.

bk - 1/26/20

writing this now, i honestly cannot believe this song is 2+ years old. this is one i also got from experimenting, and the result made me so unbelievably happy at the time. fun fact, the 'true' title of this piece was 'bike' for some reason. not sure why i shortened it to 'bk', but that's just how it is now. the singing at the end is from an utauloid i made that i still use sometimes, and who has shown up in some of my other creations (though no one would know it but me and some friends, maybe). perhaps i will talk more about him someday...

station - 1/21/20

a vocaloid track! well, kind of. this one just has them vocalizing rather than using any lyrics, cause i'm pretty bad at writing those... experimenting with various parameters to make the vocaloids sound all squeaky was fun. i believe the singers here are vflower and gumi. i still like this song a lot but i feel like my mixing has improved a bit since then.

seaglass - 10/10/21

another vocaloid track- with lyrics this time!!! the singers are miku and rin. truth be told, i am quite embarrassed of this track. i really do hate my own lyrics sometimes... but, at the same time, this song means a lot to me, and i think it's a lot better crafted than my previous attempts at vocal tracks. so, i dont know. i have mixed feelings on it. i hope you enjoy it, though.
lyrics Found my body under the waves
Letting all of it wash over my face
That’s when
I trace

Shapes in the sand again

Shapes in the sand again that

Remind me of you
Remind me of you
It’s true, it’s true, it’s true...

There’s seaglass in my heart
I don’t know where to start
Washing it away
Washing it away

If i could redo it today
(Today, today, today)
I’d tell you all the things i couldn’t say
(La la la...)
Instead the foam

Washes down my throat
I’m left to wonder
(Trying to swim)
If anything, anything
(But I don’t know how)
Will ever come of this

It hurts to breathe
Under the sea
Did you ever see
That side of me?

Never had a chance
In this blue expanse
Getting lost at sea
Is nothing new to me

Although these edges have worn down
(They’ve worn down)
I feel that something is different now
(But it’s too late now)
Inside my mind
When those memories
(I’ve changed somehow)
Crash in with the tide
And i feel
Something ache deep inside
(Can’t go back now)

And I know that
I have to see it through..

This seaglass in my heart
I know that it’s apart
Of me now
And there’s nothing i can do

I should just let it be
But i don’t know how to let it go
I think i’m drowning
(No islands in sight)
There’s no horizon

interstellar toll booth - 1/29/22

a pretty recent one at the time of writing this. it's kind of a happy-go-lucky chiptune sort of thing. i'm quite proud of how it turned out, TBH.

halo - 7/29/20

this is another song that means a lot to me. not for any particular reason, it's just one of those songs i put a lot of effort into getting juuust right, and i still think it holds up pretty well, hehe. the intention here was some sort of... i dunno, biblical droning. loud and powerful like an angel would be, with a strange tension in the middle. if you couldn't tell, i wrote it during the same kick i was on when i wrote 'empty'.

friendship - 7/13/21

a sort of bouncy, "island-y" tune. i wrote it when i was thinking about friendship, if that wasn't obvious.

it's light outside - 4/2/21

this song makes me incredibly happy. even though it's been about a year since i wrote it, i still find myself humming along to it or wanting to listen to it again... it has a very sweet "credits" sort of feel to it. if things go to plan, you'll hear it in one of my future projects.