Specter Odyssism is a story about a universe where intergalactic crime-stopping has become more of a game than a job.

Off-planet bounty hunting groups participate in hiring fake contracted criminals- known as “specters”- in order to claim their bounties and gain planetary government favor. In an already under-the-table practice, a new attitude has sprung up regarding it. That is to say, some people are just doing it for the thrill of being chased.

Our main point of view follows Zenith Rosary, a flowergirl hailing from “the Plant Planet”. Despite her home life, she's very mechanically inclined, and has big dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. Getting into an out-of-orbit guild was the best way to get her foot in the door. Her life becomes a lot more confusing, though, when she discovers just how much of bounty hunting is a glorified stage play.

It certainly doesn't help that she ends up being paired with a known uncooperative troublemaker- a robot known as Asterism “Aster” V1.1.9. Then again... Maybe Aster has taken a liking to her?

It is a story focusing primarily (or maybe i should say entirely, sorry) on a lesbian cast. It is intended to be 18+, though this page won't get into the details. You can probably catch my drift just from the above description. Just know that things get pulpy, dramatic, and a little stupid very quickly. I'd really love to make it into a very schlocky series of visual novels someday.

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Our main heroine. She comes from a planet known for its strange megaflora not found anywhere else.

A pilot recently hired into the New Inter-Petronian Guild of Bounty Hunting (The NPG, for short). Her sheepish personality makes others quick to underestimate her, but she becomes quite serious when in the cockpit.

was something of a loner before moving off-planet. Her interest in engineering was uncommon among her peers, and that combined with her frazzled personality made her come off as quite... nerdy...


A hard-headed combat robot that became interested in bounty hunting after she accidentally took down a criminal before their pursuers could.

Was extremely disappointed to find out that you have to "follow" "RULES" and be "responsible" if you want to get paid to shoot robot arm lasers at people. Has been assigned and re-assigned to multiple bounty hunting parties due to being generally really dense and uncooperative. Quite the flirt, apparently.


A retired specter who decided being on the other team was a bit more fun. Some people still recognize her by her old name, Pulsar Burst. That said, she prefers not to talk about herself very much.

She has a major fondness for heavy weaponry, often admiring the craftsmanship that goes into it. She's been noted to have an incredibly calm and humorous demeanor, but her methods of problem solving are... incredibly intense in comparison. Something of a romantic.


A hacker-type robot who was hired by the NPG after a rise in cybernetic criminal attacks.

A bit of a shy individual, but smart as they come. Possesses the ability to plug herself into most computer systems, save for the most advanced ones. She tends to find ways around this, however. Notably was built by an organic, rather than another robot.

despite her worried demeanor, she's quite good at looking at her work objectively- a needed grounding presence among her party. Not the best fighter.


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