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Spica and the Quest to Avoid Unemployment! (or, SQAU, for short) is a story i started developing... sometime in mid-2021, i think. Originally it was a character design exercise, but it quickly spiralled into its own thing...

It follows the fittingly-named Spica, a ditzy girl who goes through more jobs than she can count. Eventually she finds herself in a new job as a delivery girl for a hole-in-the-wall restaurant run by a scary older woman named Tora...

Tora is unfortunately more desperate for the help than she lets on, leading to Spica getting into all sorts of strange situations surrounding restaurant rivalries, marketing, and the customers themselves...

It is a comedic... cartoonish... slice of life kind of deal? the ideal form it would take would be a comic but i don't exactly have time to create that right now. maybe in the far-away future... currently, though, i draw a lot of silly art for it, and plan to eventually release a short renpy game set in the same universe. we'll see if i finish it! (narrator voice: it did not get finished........)

the characters shown here are just the main ones that drive the plot. you can find plenty of side-characters on my toyhouse, though any info found there might be a bit outdated.

SPICA - she/her - young adult
The girl this story is about. Spica is clumsy, silly, and a bit slow to understand certain things... However, she's pretty active and optimistic, making her an "okay-ish, I guess" fit for the delivery role. Apparently she has her own place, but she's rarely seen there, electing to crash at Zem's place instead. Enjoyer of food, will try anything once- but she loves savory junk food the most.
ZEM - she/they - young adult
Spica's best friend, allegedly. The two of them are together quite often, though it's unclear how they became that way in the first place, since they're complete opposites. Zem is a rather anxious sort, coming across as very awkward in social contexts. She doesn't enjoy this aspect of herself, and as such will hardly contribute to discussions she's not 100% comfortable with. Enjoys fruity flavors, and various cheesecakes.
TORA - she/her - adult
An older woman, who's been running her own little restaurant for who knows how long. The place is small enough that she could do it solo for a long time, but now needs an extra set of hands to take care of this new delivery stuff. She finds the fast-paced consumption and treatment of food rather annoying, and thinks a lot of people could do with sitting down and savoring something for once. That said, she knows she has to get with the times if she wants to keep up with her rival... Big fan of sandwiches and all things fried. Also, she really knows how to work a knife.
RIGEL - he/they - young adult
The delivery boy for Tora's rival, and an unintentional pain in her side. Rigel is incredibly good at what he does, skating all over town to make sure people get their food hot and fresh. He is quite acrobatic. Despite him working for "the competition", he's pretty nice, and has tried to order from Tora's on more than one occasion (Though it never ends well). Perhaps having Spica around will make that a bit easier for him to do...
He has a pretty basic palate, and doesn't like many 'intense' flavors... Though he will try anything that's insisted upon him, just to be polite.
ANDREW CAPELLA - he/her - adult
Tora's business rival (self proclaimed and assigned), who enjoys getting on her nerves and bragging about his own success. She prides herself on having a more 'high-end' establishment...
That all said, she's actually not that good of a cook. His mind is more associated with the business side of things. At first glance, she seems like a heartless employer with a dark past... But maybe he cares about his workers more than he lets on?! Also, seems to partake in most types of seafood.

...By the way, why's she the only one with a last name?!