fun stuff!

this is a page for various fun/interesting little things i have found while browsing the Internet. some of the links may be defunct by the time you get to see them...? but hopefully not!

music + sounds

online pianist - a digital piano! not much special about it, but i find it fun to mess around on.
radio garden - a site where you can listen to radio stations around the world.
beepbox - a browser-based music program that holds up exceptionally well. takes a bit of playing around to understand fully.
soundtrap - another browser-based music program. a bit more similar to a 'standard' DAW, and allows for fuller sound. you need an account to use it, but it's still free.
online sequencer - yet another browser music program. very intuitive, but songs are publicly posted when saved. (i learned that the hard way...)
asoftmurmur - lets you put on various ambient background noises.

art + photo editing - browser-based program that allows you to draw with friends! - allows you to make blingee-style pictures and text.
photomosh - a photo/gif editor for various glitchy effects. be wary of flashing colors, especially if you use the randomization options.
moodboard generator - exactly what it sounds like!! has some cool features such as locking images and allowing you to generate images based on specific topics. - ever wanted to edit pictures with those crunchy old-internet dithers but didn't really know how? didn't feel like LEARNING how? well this site can kind of do it for you!


bit font maker 2 - an easy way to make pixelly fonts for whatever you want, really.
metastream - allows you to watch things in a digital room with friends, broadcasted from your own browser. kind of like, if you know what that was. requires an extension to function.
caracal - a bit similar to metastream, but functions with a VM instead of using your own browser. can be good for watching things on sites that are... well, not so reputable...