september 1st, 2023
-NEW LAYOUT! i felt like i was in a big webdev funk and really just needed to change some stuff! this type of layout is a lot easier for me to update, i think...

july 24th, 2023
-added Even The Ocean to game log
-added cute border images to the main pages (i like the pixel textbox look...)

july 2nd, 2023
-added a game log to the site a bit ago. its connected to the main pages now

june 12th, 2023
-updates to main and about pages
-made the update box bigger and obliterated the todo box. sorry todo box

may 31st, 2023
-back for another round! i uploaded a few pages that have been rotting on my computer for a while; a lot of it is small stuff, so i wont go over all of it.
-the big thing is i finally updated the games page with a project i released in April. it's a short browser game, maybe you'll like it!
-there's also a new button on the links page, and a new song on the music page.
-added a link to the kitty shrine on the navbar

may 11th, 2023
-kind of burnt out. don't think i'll be updating for a while longer. got rid of some pages i'd like to change when i get back to it

april 9th, 2023
-MOAR STYLE UPDAAAATES. new font i like more!
-added the rpgmaker shrine. its a bit of a wip right now, but check it out!
-added the RPGMaker webring to the links page, so that it can be accessible if you view the site on mobile too.
-theres probably other stuff but i forgot what it was. enjoy

april 7th, 2023
-small links page update
-CSS changes 
-changed index page's wording a bit
-file organization
-addition of early versions of pages i don't want to link yet

april 4th, 2023
-updates to the main CSS, now there is a cute moonwand cursor(been rewatching sailor moon lately...)
-updates to the secondlife page!

march 28th, 2023
-continued work on the art gallery: all years 2017-2023 now have SOME stuff to show in them

march 27th, 2023
-changed up my art gallery and added a lot of old pieces. some sections still unfinished.

march 23rd, 2023
-some style and JS updates
-character images in the OC pages now have a little animation when u hover over them :-)
-the home page's scrolling BG also now uses css animation too. sorry i just think css animations are so cool, i'll try not to overdo it
-secondlife page has had some slight updates under the hood, no new content yet though, sorrys

march 20th, 2023
-visual updates to the navigation bars
-small updates to about page (not by much)

march 8th, 2023
-updates to oc page

march 6th, 2023
-added some more sites to links page
-added the 'Specter Odyssism' oc page
-added the SpecOs and Lillian's Woods buttons to the oc page

march 3rd, 2023
-finally figured out hash keys work YAY
-what this means is that you can now link to specific main pages by using starbage.neocities.org/home#pagename (feature i've wanted for a long time)

march 1st, 2023
-updates to SQAU page, made stylesheet specifically for oc pages, etc.
-renamed projects to ocs. refresh your cache if things are broken.

february 24th, 2023
-the secondlife page is now live!! find it in the navigation bar

february 20th, 2023
-small updates to make things look better on mobile
-working on a secondlife page, we will see if it gets done

february 4th, 2023
-fixed the mobile navigation box because i accidentally broke it a few days ago whoops

january 31st, 2023
-various head section updates because i am stupit
-updated the guestbook with a field for inputting your own website if you want.

january 30th, 2023
-added a new song to the music page
-been working on and off on a blog page. it's live right now, but isn't yet linked to the main page.
-small updates to index and about pages. the latter still isn't very descriptive, my apologies.

january 22nd, 2023
-updated the mobile style to add a new navigation bar. it's very simple, but i hope it will get the job done.
-added more sites to the links page.    
january 5th, 2023
-happy new year! this is just an update cleaning up a few things, mostly for my own sanity...
-added a link to the art page so that you can view it in fullscreen if you wish
december 27th, 2022
-added some old music to the music page. sorry, it is still very messy in there.
-added a lot of art to the art gallery as well.
december 18th, 2022
-SQAU page has been re-added to the project directory.    
december 16th, 2022
-continued my process of converting the main pages to a new iframe format. now all of the main pages have been converted! some subpages still need work, though.
-fixed issues (hopefully) where outgoing links would load within the iframe when it was unintended
-made it so certain pages will redirect to the main page if viewed directly, instead of within their intended frames. I'd honestly prefer a bit more elegant of a solution than this, but i'll have to figure it out.
-added experimental versions of mobile styles. these might be a bit buggy at the moment, especially cuz iframes are.. a little dumb on phones -_-;
december 15th, 2022
-currently, i'm in a process of shifting all of the pages to an iframe-friendly website format. there have been some changes to both of the main stylesheets, so some of the old stuff might be a bit weird-lookin' for a bit...
-this includes updating the todo, updates, main, music, links, art gallery, games, and about pages to match the new format. no actual page content has been added yet, i'll do it later...
august 10 2022
-new art gallery!! or, well, a refined one. it includes a lot of my recent stuff that i enjoy, and images are made smaller to have it look a bit nicer and cohesive....    
august 8 2022
-added a seperate links page! also had it replace the blog button on the navbar cuz i cant see myself using that much anymore... maybe i'll change my mind i dunno -W-;
-added some silly rainbow graphics for more FLAIR!!!
-redid the about page
-working on redoing the artwork gallery but that change isn't live yet...
july 14 2022
-added more songs to the music page
-added lyrics for these songs as well as lyrics for songs that were already there
july 11 2022
- added a fun entry page to replace index, renaming the main page to 'home.html'.

july 5 2022
-iframed up this part of the site so that you don't have to constantly see me updating the index page
-added a new project to the games page!!! i made a new thing go look at it!!!!
june 25 2022
- new entry on the funstuff page
june 15 2022
- added the IV project page
- added a new tiredspace themed site button

may 31 2022
- fixed an issue with some of the images in the art gallery
- added a new song to the music section
may 25 2022
- updated the blog with some iframe goodness. It should be a bit more organized now..    
may 24 2022
- more button additions!! hoping to gather even more soon
- changed some wording on the about page...
may 16 2022
- slight changes to music page (added silly kirby image)
- added the SQAU project page
- updated project page directory

may 14 2022
- slight changes to navbox and funstuff page. nothing major...

april 19 2022
- added a guestbook. sign it if you'd like
- added some more images to my art section
april 16 2022
- more buttons...
- added the art page. you can access it by clicking the currently empty space in the navbar (don't feel like implementing the button graphic rn)
- updated images and fixed mistakes on other pages. nothing crazy
april 9 2022
- added a button! so if you want to link back to me you can... i think i will make a few of them in different styles because i am indecisive. But for now it is just the one. wahoo!

april 6 2022
- i decided i quite liked the moving background. im not sure if having a gif background causes any issues with performance but ehh i dont care that much. Its fine.
- i got rid of a few pages that i don't like right now. sorry! maybe i will redo them later.
- also added some touchups to the music page. mostly links to where else i post music because i cant see myself doing it here that much.

april 5 2022
- added some cool buttons (still have yet to make my own...) go check out my friends' sites :-)    
march 25 2022
- fixed broken links in music section
- changed + fixed a lot of code. from your perspective nothing really looks different hehe
- experimenting with a lightbox code so perhaps i will add an art gallery later... but for now it isnt used anywhere
- added a moving background on the main page only. i don't know how i feel about it just yet... so i will think about it more before putting it elsewhere

march 20 2022
- HUUGE SITE OVERHAUL. there is still stuff for me to fix and add but things look much more swag now don't they
- the music page and misc page have been added. graphics on pretty much all pages have been updated too
- cleaned up code and stuff like that
march 5 2022
- updated the look of main pages, added the GAMES page, as well as the FUN STUFF page.
- the games page also has custom pages relating to my videogame projects- go check em out!!
- added to blog page

march 2 2022
- added some sweet placeholder links so i don't have to update the nav bar for a while. no new pages right now!
march 1 2022
- small updates to all pages
- added a site icon

feb 28 2022
- added... the changelog!
- updated the look of the index, about, and blog pages
- added to the about page
 - updated some wording and margin stuff that was annoying me... ok im leaving this alone now