august 10 2022
-new art gallery!! or, well, a refined one. it includes a lot of my recent stuff that i enjoy, and images are made smaller to have it look a bit nicer and cohesive....

august 8 2022
-added a seperate links page! also had it replace the blog button on the navbar cuz i cant see myself using that much anymore... maybe i'll change my mind i dunno -W-;
-added some silly rainbow graphics for more FLAIR!!!
-redid the about page
-working on redoing the artwork gallery but that change isn't live yet...

july 14 2022
-added more songs to the music page
-added lyrics for these songs as well as lyrics for songs that were already there

july 11 2022
- added a fun entry page to replace index, renaming the main page to 'home.html'.

july 5 2022
-iframed up this part of the site so that you don't have to constantly see me updating the index page
-added a new project to the games page!!! i made a new thing go look at it!!!!

june 25 2022
- new entry on the funstuff page

june 15 2022
- added the IV project page
- added a new tiredspace themed site button

may 31 2022
- fixed an issue with some of the images in the art gallery
- added a new song to the music section

may 25 2022
- updated the blog with some iframe goodness. It should be a bit more organized now..

may 24 2022
- more button additions!! hoping to gather even more soon
- changed some wording on the about page...

may 16 2022
- slight changes to music page (added silly kirby image)
- added the SQAU project page
- updated project page directory

may 14 2022
- slight changes to navbox and funstuff page. nothing major...

april 19 2022
- added a guestbook. sign it if you'd like
- added some more images to my art section

april 16 2022
- more buttons...
- added the art page. you can access it by clicking the currently empty space in the navbar (don't feel like implementing the button graphic rn)
- updated images and fixed mistakes on other pages. nothing crazy

april 9 2022
- added a button! so if you want to link back to me you can... i think i will make a few of them in different styles because i am indecisive. But for now it is just the one. wahoo!

april 6 2022
- i decided i quite liked the moving background. im not sure if having a gif background causes any issues with performance but ehh i dont care that much. Its fine.
- i got rid of a few pages that i don't like right now. sorry! maybe i will redo them later.
- also added some touchups to the music page. mostly links to where else i post music because i cant see myself doing it here that much.

april 5 2022
- added some cool buttons (still have yet to make my own...) go check out my friends' sites :-)

march 25 2022
- fixed broken links in music section
- changed + fixed a lot of code. from your perspective nothing really looks different hehe
- experimenting with a lightbox code so perhaps i will add an art gallery later... but for now it isnt used anywhere
- added a moving background on the main page only. i don't know how i feel about it just yet... so i will think about it more before putting it elsewhere

march 20 2022
- HUUGE SITE OVERHAUL. there is still stuff for me to fix and add but things look much more swag now don't they
- the music page and misc page have been added. graphics on pretty much all pages have been updated too
- cleaned up code and stuff like that

march 5 2022
- updated the look of main pages, added the GAMES page, as well as the FUN STUFF page.
- the games page also has custom pages relating to my videogame projects- go check em out!!
- added to blog page

march 2 2022
- added some sweet placeholder links so i don't have to update the nav bar for a while. no new pages right now!

march 1 2022
- small updates to all pages
- added a site icon

feb 28 2022
- added... the changelog!
- updated the look of the index, about, and blog pages
- added to the about page
- updated some wording and margin stuff that was annoying me... ok im leaving this alone now